This is the home page for Richard E. Sweet

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Chocolate Chip cookie recipe

Pictures from a heavy snowfall on 1/27/08

Work related stuff

Here is a link to the paper describing Tajo (the Xerox Mesa Development Environment).

The Mesa Programming Environment

This paper was written for a 1985 SIGPLAN Symposium on Language Issues in Programming Environments in Seattle. While there are a few language issues mentioned, it is mostly a description and history of the Mesa Progamming Environment (aka Tajo).This PDF file was scanned from the Conference Proceedings, but is in quite readable shape

Personal Stuff

A few pictures of the sewing room Murphy bed

Broken arm pictures

Check out Marjorie's Lazy Susan

Marjorie Graduation Pictures

Dick's interim digs in his Saratoga rental

Here are the photos from the trip to Provence

Here are pictures of the Bruckner kitchen.

Link to my favorite home page

The Winchester Mystery Hutch (and Bunzilla)

You can send me email at sweetshoppe or at Adobe.