Progress for June 2006


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The roof trusses arrived this morning on a truck pulling a long trailer. With the narrowness of Manzanita street and the narrowness of the alley, it took the better part of an hour to get the truck and trailer into the alley. The original plan was to back into the alley. Apparently it was almost done when the driver needing to make a small correction pulled out of the alley and was never able to get back in. It was finally decided to just get the truck in the alley and leave the trailer sticking out when to our surprise, the driver successfully pulled the whole thing into the alley.

The first truss to be installed was a triple wide one that became the anchor point for one end of most of the trusses on the front of the house. By mid afternoon, quite a few of the trusses were in place. At the end of the day there were still a few more to install, but all in all it was a productive day. It was amusing to watch the truck driver get out of the alley. He ended up having to use the crane on his truck to pull the back of the trailer forward so that it could make the turn to allow the truck to back out. I didn't manage to take a picture of that, alas.

A lot has happened in the past 4 weeks. The final sheathing is going on the outside. It's on the dining room wall, which is pretty high up. Donna built some impressive scaffolding to work from. The archways into and out of the living room have been framed as have the living room and master bedroom fireplaces. Due to a miscalculation by the truss engineer, we ended up with a larger chimney than originally planned. This will be a good thing as we will be able to vent the kitchen hood there as well. The placement of the chimney requires a rather amazing flashing that was fabricated to direct the water around it.

The roof has been covered with felt and the shingles are waiting up there to be installed. Two skylights are coming tomorrow and a couple of attic ventilation fans are arriving on Friday. Once these are installed, the shingles can go on. Next week the HVAC people start their work and the retaining wall between us and the next door neighbor is to begin. Of course, next week doesn't start until Wednesday because of the July 4 holiday.