Progress for July 2006


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The trades have started arriving. The HVAC people have been there for a couple of weeks and have most of the ductwork installed. With all of the various beams that we can't cut through, we will have to lower the ceiling in the downstairs hallway to make room for the ducts that go to the guest room and Dick's Adobe office. We had expected we would have to do this, and the lowered ceiling will still be close to 8 feet high so this isn't much of a problem

The gas fireplaces have been installed (the logs, glass front, etc. will be installed late in the game). Elaine spent some time today with the folks who will make the "stone" surround for the living room fireplace. It will include a raised hearth that will provide extra seating.

There are a couple of skylights, one in the pantry and one in the laundry room. They are venting and have shades. Everything is electrically controlled, presumably from a remote control.

We decided to buy the kitchen and laundry appliances before building cabinets that depend on their sizes. Last year we bought a freezer and planned to buy a matching fridge. Elaine was unpleasantly surprised to discover that Whirlpool had discontinued the freezer and fridge we were planning to use. Fortunately, Frigidare makes a similar model that will fit in the space we were planning on. I had to buy both to get them to match, so we'll have an extra freezer in the garage. It could come in handy for large catering gigs.