Progress for August 2006


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After a week with almost nobody there, the site is now jumping with activity. When I arrived on Thursday morning, I had trouble finding a place to park.

There is not much to be seen from the webcam, but the back yard is undergoing serious attack. The retaining walls around the hot tub have been poured and the slab for the tub has been formed. The footings are going in for the retaining walls around the back patio. Even more of our yard has moved to the next town.

On the inside, the plumbers continue. The sanitary plumbing has been mostly complete for several weeks. Now we're almost done with the water piping. For the most part, they are using PEX tubing. There is a recirculating hot water loop so we shouldn't have to wait long for hot water at the faucets. The electricians started this week. They have been hanging fixtures and switch boxes. Once they get that done, it's on to wire.

The windows have arrived and are sitting in the shop. The inspector came by and signed off on the exterior nailing so now we can start installing windows and siding. It's great to have our framers back.