Progress for September 2006


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Not much has been visible on the webcam, but lots has been happening. The windows are all installed. The large arched top one in the dining room was a pain to install.

Andy and Jen (and Enzo) came up for a long weekend. In 2-1/2 days, Dick and Andy pulled around 7000 feet of wire. They did all of the low voltage wiring, including telephones, computer network, coax for video, control and power wiring for speakers in a number of places (7 rooms and the back patio, each with individual volume control and source selection). Most wires are home runs to the mechanical room in the basement. The audio wiring is home runs to the living room next to the fireplace, where the sound system will live.

The central vacuum folks have run all of their tubing and wiring. When the sheetrock is on the walls, they will come back and install the central unit. It will be in the shop, close to the outdoor garbage cans. Also indoors, Elaine has been selecting moldings for around the doors and windows. Here is a picture of some mocked up around a doorway. The ones she chose are similar to these.

On the outside, there is siding on the uphill (west) side of the house and trim around quite a few of the windows. The back patio retaining wall slowed down because the electricians had to install cans for lighting of the steps and the plumbers had to put in sleeves for getting gas to Dick's grill and to the greenhouse for heating. There is an amazing amount of steel in the retaining wall. This is one patio that isn't going anywhere. I understand that the concrete guys are coming back this week.