Progress for December 2006


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Here it is mid December. You can see the gypcrete in the kitchen as well as some of the PEX tubes that run under the island. Not only is the radiant heating mostly done, but the insulation has been installed.

You can see one of the retaining walls at the alley. This one is at the mouth of the alley. It's several feet inside our property line at that point, but it's probably better to have the alley a little wider there so that trucks don't run into our wall.

There is very little progress on the front steps, but you can see the paint on the siding. It is a light brown (looked darker on the chip). The trim color is an off white toward cream. There may be some of it on the trim, but it's harder to see in this photo.

As I type this, the sheetrock hangers are covering the inside of the house. Not particularly photogenic, but a nice milestone.