Progress for January 2007


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Well, we're into our third calendar year of the building saga. I didn't report much in the first part of this month. We've been completely sheetrocked, taped, and almost completely textured. The painter is starting to prime walls inside. The tile guy should begin putting in bathroom floors next week.

A lot has happened in the mechanical room. The water heater / boiler has been in for a while. The radiant heat in all the floors has been running for several weeks. It was really helpful for getting the sheetrock "mud" to dry. It's been running open loop since the thermostats haven't been installed yet. Dick got all of the low voltage wires terminated. That includes coax for TV or FM, Cat5 for computer networks and telephone wiring.

The elevator has been installed. The electronics and hydraulics are in the mechanical room around the corner from the low voltage terminations. It will be a very attractive cab once it is stained and varnished.

Lots of work outdoors. A crane came by this week and lifted the steel supports for the patio cover into place. While it was there, it also place the hot tub into its place outside the master bath. Having it set 18 inches down in the ground will make for easy access. They are just about ready to pour the patio floor. There is this amazing form that will leave channels in the surface for placing the brick accents. Work has also begun on the water feature. There are some serious boulders in the back yard that will be part of it. I think that the back and side fences will be going in soon as well.