Progress for February 2007


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Lots of progress at the cabinet shop. It was great fun to see all of the cabinets that make up the island laid out together. The picture shown is of the longest (West) side of the island. The other set of cabinets are for the West wall of the kitchen. The base cabinet out in front goes between the two tall cabinets, along with an ice maker, forming the base for the beverage center. In the last cabinet shop picture, you can see that they've started putting the bead molding on the cabinet doors.

Outdoors, a lot is happening. There are some trees waiting to be planted. The uprights and some of the stringers are installed for the back fence. Can the side fence be far behind... Elaine is standing beside the work-in-progress on the water feature. It is going to be absolutely beautiful. Since the retaining wall behind her doesn't seem to be retaining much (particularly the one coming out toward her), I'm thinking that it may get cut back to allow a better view of the water. I count around 10 places where the water will be spilling over into small pools. It should sound pretty spectacular.