Progress for May 2007


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I've been remiss in keeping the website up to date. I took some pictures last month, and they may find their way to the website, but for now, I'm putting up 20 pictures that I took yesterday.

Here are some views from the outside. In the front the walls have been stuccoed in a light brown, a toned down version of the color of the house. The back steps up to the patio now have railings and the patio has the brick accents as well as the pergola cover. There will be a motorized shadecloth screen that covers the patio which will be very useful on hot summer days.

The front door is made of walnut, with a really nice semi-obscure glass. The brass door knocker that we bought on our honeymoon will be centered on the door just below the glass.

Here are two pictures of the (red) dining room and one corner of the library. The library is a pretty small room, but it is completely lined with beautiful wooden shelves and cabinets.

Here are pictures of the four bathrooms. The first two shots are of the upstairs public bathroom. It's called the "powder room", but it has a full shower. The surround for the shower and the counter top are a marble called "Rain Forest". They book matched two pieces of stone for the back wall of the shower. The sink is a copper one that Elaine found on the web.

Next is the bathroom in the guest room. The tub surround and countertop are a green granite. There are accents of an iridescent glass tile. There is a band of it just above my picture in the shower and also on the backsplash.

The master bath has a fantastic stone medallian in the floor and has countertops and tub surround of a marble called "Rosa Verona".

The final bathroom is a 1/2 bath downstairs. It's described as the "I just got back from shopping and need to go right now" bathroom.

The master closet is a work-in-progress. Dick decided to make the insides himself. The cabinets will eventually be stained darker and clear coated. You can see the shoe rack under the window. It will start out less than full. Dick has taken over a corner of the workshop. On the chrome shelves you can see the dovetailed sides for some of the drawers that will be going into the closet.

I had to show you a couple of pictures of the mechanical room. The air handler is installed, along with an air-to-air heat exchanger for getting fresh air without losing your heat/cool. In the plumbing picture, you can see the filter for the icemaker, instant-hot, pot filler, etc. In the foreground of the air handler picture is the compressor for the wine cooler. It is on a rack that will also house the compressors for the two commercial reachins in the kitchen.

The last two pictures are of the kitchen sink being installed along with its Corian countertop. The Corian fabricator (in shorts) decided that Dick wasn't in any of the pictures so he took one. It is a wonderful sink--stainless steel, double bowls, each bowl large enough to lay a full sheetpan flat on the bottom.