Progress for July 2007


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I've had complaints that there are no up-to-date pictures on the web. We've been busy moving in and emptying boxes. I wandered around with the camera today and took a bunch of pictures. You will see a certain amount of clutter. These are not pictures for Architectural Digest

The front yard landscaping is in and looks quite good. We're still deciding what to put under the front porch. There is a sample of lattice nailed up for discussion.

The front door has been there for a while, and really looks sharp. It's made of walnut and provides a nice home for the door knocker that we got in Florence on our honeymoon. Inside the front door is an antique stained glass fixture. There is a lot of artwork stacked around in various places. We haven't decided what is going where yet.

We've put a lot of books and things into the library. Elaine says we have too much stuff in there already. We've made a few passes through the books culling out ones we don't need to keep. This will be a continuous process.

The mirror is up in the bathroom with the "rain forest" marble.

The cabinet next to the stairs is installed but doesn't have its granite top yet. In the stairwell is our stained glass window.

The kitchen is coming along just fine. We've had one small dinner party and it worked well.

The dining room is just missing a few doors.

The bedroom needs a shade for one of the windows. The closet that Dick built looks pretty good and works great. There is still room for a few more pairs of shoes.

Elaine tried her bathtub the other night and it worked well. We assembled the patio table and chairs that we bought on a closeout last year. The retracting shade is now installed and working. It makes the patio much more usable during the hot days of summer.