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On Friday, we went to Les Baux, a city with some ancient ruins (some of us went to San Remy to check out the chocolatier). On the high plateau, there were modern reconstructions of engines of war.

Turning the corner amongst the ruins I ran into a coke machine. I couldn't resist the irony of it. Betty and I tried out the stocks.

I climbed up to one of the highest points. The steps leading up had seen many centuries of wear. The iron handrail cast an interesting shadow. Elaine and Betty decided not to climb the steps on the right.

I don't know what the crane is working on in the left picture. There wasn't anybody manning it that day. In the right picture, if you know what to look for you can see the restaurant that Richard's (our Wednesday night chef's) brother is remodelling and two hotel rooms that are built back in the limestone.

On the left you can see fosilized shell in the stone at the top of the hill, indicating that it was one on the sea bottom. On the right is a "drive by shooting" of the melon monument outside of Cavillon, taken on the way back to the hotel.

Friday night was spent packing and it was off to the airport on Saturday morning. Sharon, Elaine, and I flew out of Lyon, so we had to leave the hotel around 5:00AM. Thanks to Betty and Katie for taking a couple of bags back for us. Otherwise we would have had a very hard time fitting into the car (a slightly larger Peugeot compared to our original Mercedes).

I've made a PDF file from Katie's transcription of Betty's notes. Click here to read it. You'll need the Adobe Acrobat Reader plugin if you don't already have it.

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