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We drove to the hillside town of Saint-Paul de Vence. This is the location of Sharon's favorite santon shop (where Sharon and Dick bought their favorites).

The town contained many interesting narrow street, and the most beautiful cobblestone sidewalks made of carefully laid river stones.

It contained interesting galleries, and a shop where we purchased Cassis to add to Champagne when the rest of our group arrived. I particularly enjoyed a bronze sculpture in one of the galleries.

That night we had a "dress up" dinner at La Terrace in Mougins. Afterward, Elaine and I went for a walk to work off some of the calories. We passed a roadside sign with a map of the neighborhood (much like the one at the left that came off the web) and decided to make a loop (which I've marked in green) back to the hotel. There were few street signs, and we didn't have a copy of the map to carry. We got rather lost and finally backtracked to Route d'Antibes. We could have used a whole bunch of breadcrumbs. For those with Ludite tendancies, I'll confess that I was carrying a GPS and could see that we were close to the hotel, but would have to cut through somebody's back yard to get closer.

The next day we went to a factory that makes glacé fruit. It was next to the ruins of an aquaduct (not a Roman one, but a more recent one from I believe the 18th century). In the tubs are small oranges that will spend an hour or so cooking in syrup for 45 days.

Saturday was market day in Apt. Lots of Provencal fabrics, and wonderful sausages.

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